About Us at Aquatails, where you can find quality mermaid tails for swimming:

Jerilyn Windstead, CEO of AquatailsAquaTails was started in 2009 by an artistic and daring mother of four living in Colorado.

The founder, Jerilyn, grew up near the ocean in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She feels most at home when in the water, swimming with the fish, reminding her of her childhood.

Jerilyn WIndstead, CEO of Aquatails showcasing a Lavender Snakeskin Mermaid TailJerilyn also lived in Indiana, Chicago, St. Louis and now in Colorado Springs. She learned to sew in the SCA, the medieval re-enactment society. After she married, she quickly had four children and enjoyed making all sorts of costumes for her growing children, from dinosaurs to medieval knights and ladies (with ride-able fabric horses), to cats and dogs and unique superheros. In 2007 Jerilyn made Lord of the Rings costumes for the entire family and took them on an overnight costumed hike and camping trip!

Recently Jerilyn began collecting mermaid and ocean memorabilia. She dreamed of making a swimmable mermaid costume years ago, and when her daughters recently discovered mermaiding, Jerilyn and her girls immediately jumped in! “We love mermaiding in our tails whenever we can.”

June mermaiding at AquatailsAquaTails’ mission is to make high-quality, one-of-a-kind gorgeous mermaid and merman tails. We are currently expanding to host mermaid classes, parties, camps and live mermaid performances. AquaTails is committed to using a portion of its profits to support ocean, beach and sea turtle conservation efforts. We also support the American legacy of the famous Weeki Wachee Mermaids in Weeki Wachee, Florida. Help keep this original American roadside attraction in one of the most beautiful natural springs alive!