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Mermaiding in the Ocean

Aquatails mermaid tail for swimmingMermaiding in the Ocean with AquaTails, home of quality mermaid tails for swimming.  Most of us who are mermaiding for fun swim in pools, which are easy and awesome. You just walk up to the edge, sit down, slip on your tail, and slip into the water. Your eyes sting a little from the chlorine but usually it’s not too bad (some pools are worse than others). It’s especially fun to do twirls and underwater mermaid dancing in the deep end. Try doing this underwater twirling around another mermaid–it’s pure magic!

But mermaiding in the ocean is another matter. I don’t have ready access to the ocean but I was able to experiment twice in recent years. In Hawaii, in my pre-mermaid days, I was able to snorkel among the fish and a 300-lb. sea turtle! It was the most amazing experience of my life.

But one thing I noticed was that when I practiced diving down just a few feet, I could not believe how strong the water pressure was. I thought my eardrums would burst. It felt much stronger than at the bottom of a 14 foot deep pool, and I was only about 3 feet down. Handling that kind of pressure will take some getting used to and lots of practice. Hannah Mermaid has learned to do it.

A little later, after I had my tail, I took it with me on a short trip to Florida. My trip only allowed me one hour on the beach that weekend, but I took full advantage of that hour, arriving at the airport with sand still in my toes, lol!

My first problem was, how do you get into the water, with a tail, from the beach? Do you just roll into the surf until it gets deep enough to swim, trying to avoid the waves splashing your face? I wasn’t sure about that. Instead I walked into the water up to about waist deep, then struggled among the moving waves to get my tail on. The waves were small and light, but it was still a bit of a struggle. The constantly-moving water was harder to keep my balance in, both to stand in and to get the tail on.

In the pool, anytime you are in shallow water, you can simply stand up in your tail in the water. There are no waves to knock you over. In the ocean, it wasn’t so easy to stand up in the water–I was constantly being knocked off my feet flipper! When I mermaided, the water was a bit murky, but I discovered that it’s easy to open your eyes in ocean water. The sting is pretty much the same as in swimming pools, maybe a little easier. The water in Jacksonville, FL, wasn’t as clear as a pool, however!

Still, it was a new experience and I can’t wait to mermaid in the ocean again, in various settings. My friend who was with me freaked out when she noticed a very large swimming thing swimming toward her–she didn’t realize it was me!  And I got some good beach mermaid photos. Too bad my girls weren’t with me, or we could’ve photographed all three of us beached mermaids. 🙂

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