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AquaTails Inspiration Comes From Hannah Mermaid

AquaTails Inspiration Comes From Hannah Mermaid. Hannah Fraser (Hannah Mermaid) was the first one who inspired my girls and I to Hannah-mermaid-tonga-cave shared by AquaTails quality mermaid tails for swimmingfollow our mermaiding dreams. Her website, photos and videos are just amazing.

Be sure to scroll down and see all her photos and videos–she has a brand new, absolutely gorgeous tail to show. She hand-crafts all of her own tails, spending hours and weeks on each one. As you will see, she has also designed gorgeous swim tops as well.

For mermaiding, Hannah has acquired her open water diving certificate, can handle the ocean pressure down to 12 meters (that’s almost 40 feet, peoples!!!), and she can hold her breath for 2 minutes. Spend some time at her sight for the realest-looking mermaid you’ll ever see!

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