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Demo at the Downtown Aquarium

New-Friends by AquaTails quality mermaid tails for swimmingDemo at the Downtown Aquarium with AquaTails! We were very busy last week preparing for our demo at the Downtown Aquarium. You can see the fruit of our labors on the video, now on my website sidebar.

Mermaiding in the salt water was surprisingly difficult. The water is so buoyant it just pushes you up constantly. To swim here, we are going to have to get some dive training with dive weights. The Dive Officer, Todd, was mentioning that with the right amount of weight, we will be able to get underwater and do all of our normal mermaiding tricks just like we’re used to in the pool. He even showed me some pretty dive weights which look like sea shells. Mermaids have to be pretty at all times! 🙂

The sea turtles were very curious and kept swimming around us and checking us out the whole time. That was really neat. Although one of them nipped at Alicia, probably because her tail was bright green and resembled the lettuce they’re used to being fed!  Those turtles weren’t exactly sure what we were! But they were sweet and a lot of fun. We had to be very careful to track where we were going ahead of time so as not to run into them.

We were able to do our photo shoot at the aquarium as well, so I now have my first tails up for sale. I’m having some bugs with my checkout and shipping software, so please be patient while I try to get this all sorted out. The tails look absolutely gorgeous in the water!  We did discover that with the aquarium being rather dark, only the brightest, neon tails showed up well. Both Alicia’s Bright Green and Anna’s Caribbean Blue tails looked the best. If we are to perform here, I will have to make mostly neon colored tails.

The spectators were so delighted, especially the little ones. One squealed, “Mom, there are mermaids!!” The mother thought her little girl was making it up until she rounded the corner and saw that there really were mermaids! Even though this was just a little demo, the spectators loved us! The environment was so exotic that swimming in a regular ol’ pool sounds so boring now. All of us have already been longing to go back and mermaid there some more. Here’s hoping we get that chance! 🙂

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