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Top Ten Mermaid Movies – #5

Ponyo shared by AquaTails quality mermaid tails for swimming

Top Ten Mermaid Movies – #5 At AquaTails, home of quality mermaid tails for swimming.  One that is a little different, and which only recently came out, is a Japanese anime Miyazaki movie called “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea”, or simply “Ponyo”. In this one the fish-girl is depicted as a goldfish with a human face, which is rather strange. But in an unusual twist, this five-year-old fish-girl has to get the little five-year-old human boy to love her faithfully, or she will turn into sea foam and be no more. It is such a sweet interpretation, these small children learning to love and trust each other in such an innocent way. It is a tale of wonder and courage and should not be missed.

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