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Finding the Best Fabrics

Finding the Best Fabrics at AquaTails, home of quality mermaid tails for swimming.  We are constantly working to improve our fabrics and tails to make them as long-lasting as possible. We started with lots of shiny, metallic fabrics like those used by other mermaid tail companies. But we’ve discovered that these fabrics, though they look amazing and sparkly, just don’t hold up well enough. We’ve discovered that with any fabric with metallics, even glitter, that the metallic part is the first to rub off. In an effort to continually improve our tails and swimwear, we’re completely re-doing our fabric line. We’ve added a new line of fabrics, which are more colorfast and better resistant to chlorine. We are also going to expand into using Supplex, which comes in solid colors but is both colorfast and snag-resistant. We are going to look into offering painted texturing on our tails, to give them that unique, metallic look which won’t rub off. So keep your eyes open for the new fabrics, designs and style options coming to AquaTails! Here’s a sampling of our new and improved chlorine-resistant fabrics:

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