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Introducing our new “dry” Mermaid Siren Costume

Introducing our new “dry” Mermaid Siren Costume from AquaTails, home of quality mermaid tails.  Due to several requests, we have now designed the perfect mermaid costume for Halloween or any costume bash. When I researched those available, I found that though they were quite inexpensive, none of them really looked like a mermaid tail! It’s a challenge to come up with a mermaid tail skirt that you can walk in yet really looks like a mermaid tail. We have designed the best looking mermaid tail costume available today. This one is custom-crafted right here in the USA to fit you, and you get to choose the color and fabric of the tail and whether you want a matching fluke (the bottom part), or a contrasting color. This comes with a matching bikini top and extra strips of fabric which you can tie creatively around your arms, waist, hair, however you want. We can make a masculine version of this for you mermen out there, too. Enjoy!

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