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The Many Names of the Mermaid – British Isles

The Many Names of the Mermaid – British Isles as shared by AquaTails.  For those who want to add more depth to your mermaid costume, mermaid tail for swimming, persona or mermaid cosplay, or just for fun, this is a series of mermaid names used around the world and throughout history. Have fun!

1 – British Isles:

Ireland – Merrows or Murirruhgachs or Moruach. From the Gaelic muruch (“sea maid”), and called Murrough in Galloway.

Other Gaelic names for the mermaid:

Muir-gheilt: muir = sea; gheilt = wild man or woman; Samhghubha:  sam = serene; ghubha = mourning, sigh or the muses; Muidhuachán; Suire = sea nymphs; mermaids

Orkney IslandsSelkie, which simply means “seal”

Scotland – Ceasg; maighdean na tuinne (“maid of the wave”); maighdean mhara (“maid of the sea”)


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