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The Many Names of the Mermaid – The Americas

The Many Names of the Mermaid – The Americas as shared by AquaTails.   For those who want to add more depth to your mermaid costume, mermaid tail for swimming, persona or mermaid cosplay, or just for fun, this is a series of mermaid names used around the world and throughout history. Have fun!

Native America – a general tale every Native American knows is about a sea goddess named Squant

Ottowa – the Ottowa Tribe have a mermaid legend and her name is Menanna

Passamaquody – have a mermaid tale called Ne Hwas (The Mermaid)

BrazilLara, also spelled Uira or Yara, meaning “water lord/lady” or “Water Queen”. In Portuguese also called a sireia (siren)

Caribbean –  Aycayia, meaning “she with a lovely voice”

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