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Becoming a Mermaid

Sparkle-Tip Tail by AquaTails quality mermaid tails for swimming

Becoming a Mermaid At AquaTails. Mermaids are all the rage for 2011. With Carolyn Turgeon’s new book Mermaid (a new look at the original story of The Little Mermaid) and mermaids being featured in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie this summer, these water beauties are finally coming into their own. It is every girls dream to be a mermaid, and this year, it is easier than ever to live that dream.

Mermaid Hannah Fraser has been a mermaid for many years and she has come closest to being the real thing. When she swims, she is able to slow down her heart rate and hold her breath long enough to dive down into the ocean to a depth of 50 feet and make it back to the surface! She has also become comfortable swimming among the ocean’s wild animals (whales, sea turtles, dolphins, giant manta rays) even though she is practically blind without goggles.

She hand-crafts her own tails out of neoprene and they are works of art. But any girl can become a mermaid today. Companies like AquaTails sell affordable mermaid swim tails online. AquaTails offers Play Tails, which are long tails that are open at the end for ease of walking. In these tails the little mermaid will rely on her own dolphin kick to move along. But she can also get a tail with an included monofin, such as AquaTails’ Cute Tail, or Smooth Tail or any other designs they offer.

With a monofin the mermaid really moves through the water like a true sea creature. These tails are worth the money — there is no other experience like gliding through the blue smoothly from one kick. For a bigger investment a mermaid or merman can order a neoprene tail — AquaTails sells several designs. Neoprene tails will last a long time as the fabric is much thicker. It will also help to keep the mermaid or merman warm.

The Little Mermaid

For those who want to look like Disney’s Ariel, AquaTails will soon be offering an Ariel Tail, inspired by The Little Mermaid Disney film. Watch for it, you will love it!


Once the swimmer has their tail, it is time to learn some mermaid technique! The mermaid should start by becoming used to the tail, then start practicing moves — back bend turns, forward turns, side turns, swimming slowly, swimming quickly, etc. The more the mermaid swims, the longer she will learn to hold her breath.

Don’t forget to practice smiling underwater!

And if the mermaid can learn to swim without goggles, that is much more realistic. But if you must wear goggles, get small clear ones and tell people you are a Steampunk Mermaid. 🙂 Mermaids can also use small clear nose plugs if they need it — they work great. The ideal, though, is for the mermaid to learn to swim without such aids if she can.

Mermaids and mermen will discover that mer-swimming is so much fun and such a great workout, they will never want to go back. There just is nothing like gliding along the pool or ocean floor with a flicker of your tail, living in another world.

NOTE on the WWW Scavenger Hunt: I’ve sprinkled a series of ten articles around the internet, titled “Tips for Mermaids” and each has a subtitle as well. I’ve challenged my readers to find all ten, then to list the subtitles in the comments. One problem there, after the first person, everyone will be able to cheat!!! So instead, go to the Contact Page and send me an email with all ten subtitles, and AquaTails will give you a prize!! 🙂 CONTACT PAGE WASN’T WORKING, IT IS NOW UP AND RUNNING. IF YOU SENT ANYTHING IN THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF APRIL, 2011, I DID NOT GET IT, PLEASE RE-SEND! Sorry for the inconvenience!

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