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I’m Cooking a Mermaid

Boiling a Mermaid Tail: Crafts by AquaTails home of quality mermaid tails for swimmingI’m Cooking a Mermaid here at AquaTails.

Okay, so I’m not really cooking a mermaid, but I am simmering a mermaid tail. This tail had parts of its color that had rubbed off with wear and friction on the concrete swimming pool. So we’re giving it new life by dyeing it with Poly-Dye. This dye can be found at craft stores like JoAnns Fabrics. Poly-Dye is especially made for dying poly and nylon blend fabrics, and it works perfectly with our spandex mermaids tails. We’ve given several of our tails new life with this method, and the dye lasts a nice long time. So if you have a spandex tail that has faded somewhat, cook it in Poly-Dye and get a new tail. Only don’t eat it — we mermaids are not cannibals! NOTE: Any time you do fabric dyeing, you must use pots and stirring spoons that are not used for cooking. I confess, that since I don’t have extra pots just for dying (who does?), I use my cooking tools but then I wash them out in scalding hot water and some bleach about 5 times before using again for cooking. Since I only dye fabric about once a year, this works for me. Instructions are found on the Poly-Dye package, but basically you simmer it for an hour in the dye and then wash it. Easy!

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