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Make the Mermaid of Your Dreams

mermaid doll at Aquatails

Make-a-Mermaid Doll Examples

Make the Mermaid of Your Dreams, here at AquaTails, where we are all about making dreams come true! Our swimmable mermaid tails and costume tails allow you to explore the magical world of mermaids for yourself. Now, we bring you the chance to play out your dreams with our new Make-a-Mermaid Doll!

How will you design your Make-a-Mermaid Doll? The possibilities are endless!

Every Make-a-Mermaid Doll has a tale, and her story begins with you!

As the creator of your own personalized mermaid doll, you get to design the mermaid of your dreams. What color will her eyes be? Will her hair be brown? Or rainbow-colored? Will she have a blue tail? A green tail? Or maybe a red tail? Make these creative decisions as you design your mermaid doll online at

Using a drop-down menu, choose your doll’s face, skin tone, eye color, hair color, bikini and tail fabrics, tail fluke style, and an accessory for her to wear. A picture updates as you make your selections, and your mermaid doll takes shape before your eyes.

Purchase additional must-have mermaid accessories to dress up your doll–including starfish hair clips, seashell necklaces, flower leis, and seaweed leis, to name a few. Ocean Friends are also available for your mermaid to adopt as pets.

When your Make-a-Mermaid Doll is complete, and you’ve selected any additional items you’d like to purchase, ask an adult to help you submit your order to AquaTails. We’ll make your doll with loving care-and a touch of mermaid magic! Within two weeks, your Make-a-Mermaid Doll will arrive at your door, ready to play.

You and your new friend will get along swimmingly–especially when you play in water! Your Make-a-Mermaid Doll is fully immersible, and just needs to air dry after getting wet. Bring her to the beach, the pool, or the nearest bathtub. Don’t forget to bring your AquaTail!

With a giggle, and a wink, and a splash of your tail, dive into your imagination! Together, you and your mermaid can go places you never dreamed were possible!

When the day is done, snuggle up with your fleecy-soft rag doll for more dreams of ocean adventures. Your mermaid tale has only just begun!

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