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Mermaiding Madeline Island in Lake Superior

Mermaiding Madeline Island in Lake Superior with AquaTails.   As vacation season winds down, we are wondering: Where’s your tail been this summer?

If you did some mermaiding this summer in an exotic location, or even in your own backyard pool, and captured a video of your AquaTail in action, we’d love to see it!

We’ll be announcing details of the Where’s Your Tail Been? video contest very soon. The winner of the contest will receive our new Fin Tail! Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get all the contest information delivered to your inbox.

To get you in the right frame of mind, here’s a blog post and video from AquaTails founder, Mermaid Jerilyn.  Shot in the chilly waters of Lake Superior at Madeline Island, the video features the beautiful new Fin Tail that could be yours if you win! Enjoy!

By Mermaid Jerilyn

Earlier this summer, my husband and I were fortunate to be able to spend a few days on Madeline Island in Lake Superior to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Madeline Island is thMermaid in Lake Superior by AquaTails quality mermaid tails for swimminge same size as Manhattan, about 14 miles long by 3 miles wide. Its only village is called LaPointe, Wisconsin. During the Fall, Winter and Spring there is a tight community of 300 residents; during the summer months there can be as many as 3,000 people on the island.

Taking the short ferry ride to the island from Bayfield, WI, we felt like we were truly leaving everything behind and entering a magical world. There’s just something about being on an island. Worries and stress fall away. Life slows down. You discover how much fun it is just to hang out at an art gallery and get to know people over drinks while listening to live music.

We were there just long enough to discover all the fun activities we could do if we had more time-such as renting a bike or moped to explore the island; Or canoe up a gorgeous lagoon; Or take a boat tour to see the amazing Sea caves and shipwrecks.

I had brought my mermaid tail, of course. Any time I have a chance to mermaid in natural waters, I bring it. This is AquaTails’ newest tail, the Fin Tail.

Mermaid Jerilyn in Lake Superior by AquaTails quality mermaid tails for swimming

This gorgeous tail is small enough to fit in my luggage! My husband agreed to do photos and underwater filming. We used my iPhone 5s for photos and my GoPro Hero 3 for the underwater footage & I made a YouTube Video here.

There was a beautiful beach on the north side of the island. I was told the winter ice had only just melted the week before, at the end of June. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to swim or not. The water was reported to be around 66 degrees. So, I found a shallow area where it might be a little warmer: the entrance from the lake into the lagoon.

The water was C-O-L-D! But once I got swimming around I was able to keep warm. Only my face went through shock every time I went underwater.

The water was clear, and it was so great to be in fresh water–no stinging of the eyes! Being a lake, there were no seashells, but all kinds of beautiful rocks. Lake Superior Agate is often found along the shores. It was great fun to swim and skim the sand, looking at rocks and searching for agate.

Any chance you get to mermaid in natural waters, do it! I cannot wait to get back to Madeline Island and mermaid in more locations! Next time I go, I plan to explore the shipwrecks and Sea caves in my AquaTail!

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