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Neoprene Painted Tails at AquaTails!

H2O painted neoprene tail at Aquatails

H2O Painted Neoprene Tail by AquaTails quality mermaid tails for swimming Neoprene Painted Tails at AquaTails!


Introducing our new line of custom-painted neoprene mermaid tails. Pictured here is our H2O painted tail, complete with the ridge going down the back. We also have a stunning Koi painted tail that is less than $300. And we can do a custom tail for you, painting the tail in any design & color you would like.

Neoprene lasts much longer than spandex, keeps you warm in cold waters, and these come with a velcro closure at the fluke so you can insert & remove your monofin easily. Our painted neoprene tails are sold as TAIL SKINS ONLY, which saves you a lot of money, as you can simply order your monofin of choice separately, or use one you already have. When ordering, be sure to let us know which monofin you have or are buying, so we can make the tail fluke to fit. 🙂

Each neoprene tail is custom-made to your measurements, it will be your own unique mermaid or merman tail.

Also coming, if you are on a real tight budget, is our Paint-Your-Own-Tail Kit. You will get your own custom-sewn white neoprene tail, you will add to your order whichever paint colors you need, and paint the tail yourself. A real affordable option!

Our painted neoprene tails will range from under $300 – around $950, depending on how custom your order is. The Paint Your Own Tails will be even less.

For a chance at a 35% off coupon for your own neoprene tail order, leave a comment below on what your perfect neoprene tail looks like and why you need the coupon. 🙂 Be sure to check back to see who the winner is – we will choose one by the end of June.

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