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AquaTails NEW Koi Painted Neoprene Tail

Koi mermaid tail for swimming at AquaTails

Koi painted neoprene tail by AquaTails quality mermaid tails for swimmingAquaTails NEW Koi Painted Neoprene Tail: Introducing our new Angel Koi Neoprene Painted Mermaid Tail! This stunning neoprene tail is so bright and dramatic, you will stand out in and out of the water. Each one will vary slightly, and you can choose up to three colors to have splashed all over the tail – just put your preferences in the Comments Section when ordering.

This is the most affordable painted neoprene tail you will find, priced at under $300, yet still custom-sewn to your measurements and monofin style and painted just for you. 🙂

We are selling this as a skin (without a monofin) as it allows us to offer it at a lower price. We can make it to fit any monofin. Simply order one of our monofins separately, or let us know which monofin you already own so we can make it to fit.

This is in our classic Angel Tail style, which means extra flowey fabric on the back, front and off the end of the fluke, just like a Koi beta fish. 🙂

We can also make a matching painted bikini, with many Top & Bottoms styles to choose from.

Neoprene tail with hidden drawstring waist and velcro fluke closure, so inserting a monofin is very easy. 🙂

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