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How to do a Mermaid Dunk Tank Game

Mermaid Dunk Tank at AquaTails home of quality mermaid tails for swimmingHow to do a Mermaid Dunk Tank Game, explained by AquaTails.  Our Dunk the Mermaid Game was a lot of fun at the 2015 Pikes Peak Celtic Festival. To those thinking of trying this, here are invaluable tips:

  • Double-check that water will be delivered. We had a guy from the festival who was to arrange all of the logistics. I trusted he would come through – my mistake! We spent a frantic Friday afternoon & evening trying to get last-minute water delivery, and lost 6 hours of dunk tank time we very much needed.
  • Place your dunk tank in a very prominent location. Location, location, location! Make sure you will be where the majority of the festival goers will actually walk by you, and not have to walk out of the way to get to you!
  • Schedule at least 2 mermaids & 1-2 Callers to be ON at all times.  Make sure to let everyone know the dunk tank is to be ALWAYS running – that means team members can take a break only one at a time — not all at once! Some mermaids get cold and can only do 15-minute shifts. We lost quite a few hours of running dunk tank time due to these kinds of logistical issues.
  • We charged $1/ball, $3/3 balls, $5/6 balls, $10 to walk up and push the lever, and $5 if they wanted to jump into the tank with the mermaid! (It was very hot outside). We did well with this. It’s important that the Caller is always doing their job well. They can call out “Don’t let the mermaid dry out!” “Dunk the mermaid before she turns into fish sticks!”  The Caller is also the one taking the money and giving out the tennis balls. Our tank was not in a good location, and only ran half the hours we could have, but we made an average of $30/hour. We got the tank for a discounted rate of $300 for the entire weekend (did not include water delivery). Make sure you have a GOOD Caller!
    • NOTE: sometimes they would hit the circle but it would not release the mermaid – in these cases we let them go up and push it. They just had to hit the circle. We let the thrower decide how close or how far they stood – it was difficult to hit that little circle. 🙂

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  1. What a good idea! My sister wants to do a fundraiser for her dance team, so I will show her this. She loves mermaids and she even has her own tail. A mermaid dunk tank would be such a fun game.

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