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The Life-Changing Magic of Mermaiding

mermaiding aquarium as seen on Aquatails

Lotus the Mermaid swimming in the aquarium with AquaTails home of quality mermaid tails for swimming  The Life-Changing Magic of Mermaiding as shared by AquaTails.  Something happens to you when you put on a mermaid or merman tail and learn to swim like the mythical creature of legend. Initially it feels strange to swim with your legs together in a tail, but after about 10 minutes it feels natural, and then powerful. As you learn your new skills of breath-holding, free-diving techniques and water ballet, pretty soon you become addicted to swimming in a tail. After that you never want to swim without your tail again.

But the magic happens gradually. I’m not talking about the outside magic, where, no matter your age or size, you look like a gorgeous mystical mermaid.

No, a magical change happens gradually on the inside. It doesn’t matter if you are mermaiding in a swimming pool or in the ocean. Being in the underwater Blue World of any type, swimming in a stunning mermaid or merman tail, makes you feel like a real mermaid from the ocean. Pretty soon, you start to feel like the ocean is your true home. You want to spend more and more time in the Blue World. You start to really care about and feel connected to our world’s oceans and all of its creatures. You feel like you are one with them. In the end, you search out an ocean, beach or reef charity and you become involved in saving our oceans, one mer-person at a time. And you seek out every opportunity to mermaid in any kind of natural or man-made waters, wherever you go.

That’s when you become a true mer…it’s not just a water sport. It’s a lifestyle – mermaid life.

Please Comment below on the most life-changing moment YOU have had mer-swimming in a tail. It’s time our voices were heard!

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