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AquaTails: How to Become a Mermaid, Part 1 – Your own Tail

how to become a mermaid at Aquatails producer of quality mermaid tails

how to become a mermaid at Aquatails producer of quality mermaid tails Is there a magic spell to make you into a real mermaid? Unfortunately, no. But can you become very much like a real mermaid and experience mermaid life? YES!

The first step is to get your own perfect mermaid tail for swimming. What is your style? What is your true tail color? These are details you need to figure out, in discovering your true mermaid self.

Start by drawing various mermaid tails, styles & colors that you love. If you’re not good at drawing, you may print out a mermaid coloring page and use that as a template. Here is another possible template you may like better.

I love all the colors of the rainbow, have tried many tails, and am even painting my own neoprene tail in rainbow colors. But when looking back at old photos, the tail that looks the most right on me, I discovered, is the green tail. So when I make my ultimate tail, it will be green.

You may need to experiment like me and try different colors on for size. For your own tail, you may either make one yourself (if you know how to sew spandex), or you may purchase your own tail from  There are videos on YouTube that show you how to make one, if you want to go that route.

If you choose to buy one, I highly recommend a monofin tail. While a non-monofin tail, like our Play Tail, is still fine to swim in and is a very inexpensive choice, you won’t get the real feel of swimming like a mermaid without a monofin on your feet giving you power in the water.

AquaTails has so many fabric and style choices, you will get to choose your own unique creation. Try our Angel Tail to look like a Beta fish, and choose your own contrasting fabric frills on it. Want to look just like the Little Mermaid? You can get our new Ariel Tail. Or go for our new Aquata Tail, creating your own combination of fabric and polymer fluke. The choices are there for your own amazing tail!


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