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THE Mermaid Event to go to

Merman Christian as seen on Aquatails

THE Mermaid Event to go to, recommended by AquaTails, home of quality mermaid tails for swimming.  Over the years we have attended several events, both mermaid and non-mermaid conventions. They were fun, but the best event of all, far surpassing everything else, was the NC MerFest (hosted by NC – North Carolina pod). They had everything a mer could want — amazing workshops (breath-holding, the making of Splash, underwater modelling, etc.), awesome vendors (including AquaTails!), wonderful mers from all over to meet and swim with, professional underwater photo shoots for your portfolio, a mermaid tail contest (divisions for both pro and non-pro creations), great parties every night, including the most awesome Mer Ball I’ve ever attended. I don’t know if this group will continue to host an event every year, but check out NC MerFest on both FB and the internet — you DON’T want to miss the next one!!

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