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A Cheap Source for Mermaid Crafts & Accessories

Jar of Sea Shells at Aquatails

jar of shells craft by AquaTails home of best quality mermaid tails for swimmingA Cheap Source for Mermaid Crafts & Accessories shares AquaTails, home of quality mermaid tails for swimming.  For making your own mermaid accessories, decor or bikini trims, there is no cheaper source for materials than your local thrift store. You can always find bags of sea shells, including sand dollars and other treasures, for a few bucks. Additionally, you can find yarn & string, beads, inexpensive shell or pearl jewelry, etc. This last trip to the Salvation Army I found a bag with several bottles of glitter and a whole bunch of unique beads, including a bunch of small pieces of Mother-of-Pearl with holes already drilled into them, for making beautiful necklaces. It was $3!

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