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AquaTails: Mermaid Tails for Swimming – Which Type are You?

Ariel Mermaid Tail From Aquatails

Ariel Tail Pose by AquaTails quality mermaid tails for swimmingAquaTails: Mermaid Tails for Swimming – Which type are you?

  • You don’t want to spend much, just want to try it out, or you are buying for a little girl and need to keep costs low = your tail would be the PLAY TAIL. It costs less because it doesn’t come with a monofin. It is open at the bottom, so the little mermaid can pull it up to walk in, then pull it back down over her feet for play and swim. It can be worn in the water with or without the swimmer’s own flippers or fins. You can always buy a monofin later to be used with it. Comes in all sizes for all ages.
  • You want a real mermaid swim experience, and are ready to learn the water skills of swimming like a real mermaid; you want to stand out some, but not too much at the pool = CUTE TAIL for children, or FIN TAIL for children or adults. The Cute Tail has adorable fringe off the end of the fluke. These tails come with a monofin. For extra swimming help, consider our MerSwim DVD Workshop to perfect your mermaid swim skills.
  • You are ready to swim and be like a real mermaid, and to really stand out. You LOVE Ariel and her mer-sisters = your perfect tail would be the ARIEL TAIL or the AQUATA TAIL. Can be made in all sizes & ages.
  • Your personality is dreamy, like a fairy, you like to live in the flow = Our ANGEL TAIL is perfect for you; we can make it in any size or age and color combination.
  • You are ready to start swimming professionally, or want to look more realistic than a spandex tail; and you LOVE H2O = our painted neoprene H2O TAIL is perfect for you. It even has the ridge down the back!
  • You are ready for a neoprene tail, and you have a dramatic personality and really like to stand out = you are a candidate for our flamboyant KOI NEOPRENE TAIL. All of our neoprene tails are custom-made and painted to match you exactly!
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