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AquaTails: Adopt-a-Mermaid Doll supports women in the Philippines

Adopt-a-Mermaid Doll Mermaid Dolls From Aquatails

     Adopt-a-Mermaid Dolls by AquaTails home of quality mermaid tails for swimming

AquaTails: Adopt-a-Mermaid Doll supports women in the Philippines. Each is a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted rag doll that can go in the water! Paying fair wages, every purchase of an Adopt-a-Mermaid Doll helps to support women in the Philippines as well as here in the USA.

Throw your fishnet into the water and catch your own unique mermaid doll! Doll colors vary. Extra Doll Tail Sets can be purchased for changing the top & tail colors. Now available on Amazon, only by AquaTails. Rag Dolls are 24″ tall, and the tops & tails may be removed to reveal her legs. Made from top-quality nylon spandex with varied intricate detailing on the mermaid top.

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