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AquaTails: Mermaid Tails for Sale

Aqua Sparkle fluke over head by AquaTails, home of mermaid tails for swimmingAquaTails: Mermaid Tails for Sale:

  • Inexpensive Play Tails that you can walk in
  • Ariel the little mermaid tail, as well as
  • Aquata, her sister – you choose the colors!
  • Many monofin tails for kids and adults
  • Our own unique Ariel-shaped fluke (see photo)
  • Our new Sparkle Tails coming soon!
  • Quality mermaid tails that last a long time
  • Awesome Customer Service!
  • Custom painted neoprene tails
  • Adopt-a-Mermaid Doll & other toys & gifts
  • Mermaid Bath Salts
  • Mermania Blog
  • Come join the AquaTails community and experience mermaid life!
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