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AquaTails: Mermaid Magic – Is it Real?

  • Mermaid Magic by AquaTails home of quality mermaid tails for swimmingYes, there is such a thing, but it is not as you think
  • Yes, it is real and good
  • It is a part of God’s creation, a part of God Himself
  • We can can grow it inside of us, as we learn to become aware of God the Creator and His Holy Spirit and invite the Spirit of Christ to come inside so that we become new
  • We can get spiritual help and guidance from the mermaids, as well as from God Himself
  • Swimming in a mermaid tail helps to get us in touch with spiritual healing and truths, as it reminds our soul of the floating existence we have in the Spirit Realm
  • Mermaid magic can be infused into every aspect of our lives
  • Stay tuned to this series to learn more!
  • Leave a comment below – what are your discoveries & thoughts on mermaid magic?
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