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How AquaTails sells Quality Mermaid Tails for Swimming – 1

How AquaTails sells Quality Mermaid Tails for Swimming – 1: We are Meticulous About Fabrics!  Sparkle Tail, Back View

  • Even though customers LOVE the sparkly metallic fabrics, so far every single one we have tested, the metallic rubs off with first use! and leaves black rubbed-off parts behind. Yuck! We will NOT sell you such fabrics!
  • Currently we have found the best spandex fabrics, many with no metallics, and quite a few with metallic accents that look beautiful.
  • Coming in 2016: our new Sparkle Tails (see photo). We have FINALLY found a manufacturer who can make that lovely shimmer & sparkle and the tail continues to look great over much use! Eventually, after many swims, the metallic slowly rubs off from friction, and reveals the fish-scale print underneath in brighter hughes. So the tail changes slightly, but continues to look as beautiful as ever!
  • Our new Sparkle Tails will come in Green & Blue in 2016.
  • Our current fabrics with some sparkle accents:
    • All of our Light & Shadow colors:
      • Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Orange
    • Flame
  • Check out all of our fabulous fabrics under FAQ: Tail Colors.
  • Please mention YOUR favorite of all our fabrics in the Comments below (including the new ones coming out), for a chance to win a free prize from AquaTails!
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