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Make 2016 a New Year of Mermaid Magic by AquaTails Mermaid Tails

Make 2016 a New Year of Mermaid Magic Sparkle-Tip Tail by AquaTails quality mermaid tails for swimming

by AquaTails Quality Mermaid Tails for Swimming:

  • Events: NC MerFest 2016 in North Carolina, September 2016
  • Quality Mermaid Tails: Watch for our new Sparkle Tails, coming in 2016 (right)
  • Toys: Adopt your own mermaid with our one-of-a-kind Adopt-a-Mermaid Dolls, only at AquaTails, and help to support women in the Philippines!
  • Ideas, news, clubs: Subscribe to our blog, Mermania, to keep up with the latest coolest mermaid news & ideas. Watch for a special Mermaid Craft Club!
  • Website: AquaTails will be launching our new website early in 2016. Check it out!
  • Goals: Set your goals and plan out your year – it’s so much fun!
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