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The Legend of Atlantis by AquaTails: Quality Mermaid Tails

atlantis-temple shared by AquaTails quality mermaid tails for swimming

The Legend of Atlantis by AquaTails: Quality Mermaid Tails for Swimming:

Are you curious about the lost continent and legends of Atlantis? The mermaids of course know about Atlantis, and here is some of their wisdom:

  • Atlantis was a huge continent spanning across what is now the Atlantic Ocean, and included areas in the Mediterranean Sea
  • There were many cities and many peoples who were part of the Atlantis civilization.
  • The Atlanteans were very advanced, more so than today’s land-dwellers. They had developed and used psychic powers, and they knew how to melt and mold, then harden, rock. They used rock as we do metal today, to transmit electricity and other uses. They also used crystals, which are magnifiers.
  • A part of Atlantis in the Mediterranean Sea has already been discovered, but has been kept hidden.
  • The islands of the United Kingdom were part of Atlantis, a last vestige still above water.
  • Many of the huge rock monoliths seen around the world today were built by the Atlanteans. If you examine some of the rocks in the ancient ruins in South America, for instance, you can see for yourself how some of the curved rocks were made to fit together as perfectly as puzzle pieces.

What do you think? Does it seem the mermaids truly know? Please leave your comments below and I will see what the mermaids think of your ideas. 🙂

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