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Mermaids and Harry Potter at AquaTails quality mermaid tails

College of Wizardry AquaTails quality mermaid tails for swimming

Mermaids and Harry Potter at AquaTails quality mermaid tails:

Yes, THIS mermaid is a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I’m guessing there are more out there, too. So these next few posts are for you!

First Stop: College of Wizardry, Poland.

If you’ve ever dreamed of experiencing life at Hogwarts, here’s your chance.

It’s an incredible LARP (Live Action Role Play) in an actual castle in Poland, with secret passageways, a Dark Forest with mythical creatures, a lake, magical wand duels (you need to bring your own wand) and everything.

If you’ve never done a LARP, think murder mystery party times 100. You get a character ahead of time (and you can help craft the character). When you get there, you are acting out your character in a magical world, with his/her own personality, agenda, giftings, etc. There are plots and sub-plots going on all around you, and you will be interacting with the other characters there (140 of them!). Your 3-1/2 day adventure may be as simple as getting sorted, attending your magic classes and trying hard to be a good student and win the House Cup (there’s a ball at the end of it all too!). Or as diverse as sneaking out after curfew, trying not to get caught. Letting the minotaur loose in the castle because your character stands for animal rights. Getting inducted into a secret club in the Dungeon at Midnight. Getting bitten by your vampire professor in order to save your life, then becoming a vampire yourself. Dissecting an evil tooth fairy in Beastology Class, getting blood and guts all over your fingers. Going to the ball with a castle ghost as your date. These are just a tiny few examples of the pretend adventures players have had there!

Be sure to check out the several YouTube videos on the College of Wizardry, there’s great stuff there.

So anyone want to play a mermaid NPC character there? Be a specimen in the Beastology class?

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  1. […] will be in are very medieval looking (unfortunately not a real castle like the one in Poland, see previous post). There are several dark forests around the campus as well as a lake. There is even an outdoor […]

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