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Mermaid Tour of Hogwarts by AquaTails quality mermaid tails

NW Magischola AquaTails quality mermaid tails for swimming

Mermaid Tour of Hogwarts by AquaTails quality mermaid tails:

No, sorry, this is a virtual tour (not a real one yet!!!)

This is Part 2 of this series of Mermaids and Harry Potter.

Second Stop on our Tour:  New World Magischola – Richmond, VA

STARTING THIS SUMMER you can experience Hogwarts, American-version, right here in the USA!

It is being held at the University of Virginia, Richmond. The buildings the game will be in are very medieval looking (unfortunately not a real castle like the one in Poland, see previous post). There are several dark forests around the campus as well as a lake. There is even an outdoor Greek/Roman amphitheater with Roman columns – reminding me of the magical school in the Percy Jackson series. Yes, there will be at least one magical class held there!

I am dying to attend as a student (as long as you’re at least 18, age doesn’t matter), but I also look forward to the day when I go as a professor. One of the classes I will teach is Cryptozoology. I am already planning how the class will lure and catch a live mermaid from the lake, carry her to our tank in our classroom, and learn to interact with her. Who knows what else will happen with a wild live mermaid in the castle?

Who wants to be my live mermaid when that day comes? 🙂

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