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Cheap mermaid tails vs. Quality mermaid tails – which is better?

Seagreen Scales Mermaids by AquaTails quality mermaid tails for swimming

Cheap mermaid tails vs. Quality mermaid tails – which is better?

One mermaid company has made it really big by selling very cheap mermaid tails. Their slogan seems to be “it’s okay if it gets ruined quickly, you can simply buy another because it is so cheap.”

They have bascially gone the “Walmart” route and sell Walmart-quality, cheap products.

I know this because I heard a very sad tale this past Christmas. One little girl saved up all of her money over many months, and bought one of these tails for $120. Then, they sent her the wrong thing and messed up her order. On top of that, the very first time she wore her tail, it started ripping and getting ruined. Now she had no money and no tail.

This is only one story, I’ve heard countless others of tails getting ruined, the fabric rubbing and ripping, very quickly.

(Did you know that if you swim in an all-over metallic spandex fabric, the metallic will start to rub off with first use and leave black marks beneath?)

We have based our own company, AquaTails, on quality products and quality customer service. It is the “Nordstrum” model. Ordering from us you will get the best product with the best customer service – we take care of you!

Our fabrics go through rigorous testing so that they’ll be long-lasting. If there are any problems we fix it. We will even custom-make your tail to your measurements!

What do you think? Is it better to buy cheap mermaid tails, or quality mermaid tails for swimming? I’d love to hear your comments below.

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