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Could She be a Real Mermaid? True Story shared by AquaTails

mermaid-nikki-in-red-sequin-tail at aquatails quality mermaid tails for swimming

Could She be a Real Mermaid? True Story shared by AquaTails quality mermaid tails:

Here is Mermaid Nikki’s true story, she just ordered a gorgeous Red Sequin Mermaid Tail from us:

red sequin mermaid tail at AquaTails quality mermaid tails for swimming

“Ever since I was a little girl, I would get sick a lot. I passed out constantly and I dehydrated easily. I would also be in pain a lot. I always loved to swim, so I cut and sewed leggings together when I was little so I could swim like a mermaid and be free to escape this illness. I was misdiagnosed my whole life. I just recently went to a doctor and he said I had neurocardiogenic syncope and dysautonomia. He told me that swimming is the best exercise to get my blood flowing again and to lessen the passing out. I have a ton more symptoms that I suffer with such as dry skin, headaches, etc. A couple of people who know me have told me that maybe I was meant to be a mermaid, or “you just need to swim to help this illness and swimming helps free you from anxiety – you’re a fish!” I’m very shy and not able to talk o people very well unless I’m in the water. Then I become a new me in the water.”

Mermaid Nikki, to help her medical struggles, has to swim almost every single day. In the warm months she swims directly in a lake; in the Winter she has to swim in a pool.

sequin mermaid tail at AquaTails quality mermaid tail for swimming

I wonder, could she have mermaid blood in her veins? Perhaps a distant relative? What do you think? Comment below, I’d love to hear your opinion!

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3 thoughts on “Could She be a Real Mermaid? True Story shared by AquaTails

  1. Thank you for sharing my story

  2. I’m her cousin and honestly, I believe in another life she was a mermaid. Everything about her is true, and I’m so happy she got her story out there!! I believe she is a mermaid reincarnated over and over again <3

  3. What a great story. I am so proud this girl didn’t give up. Having a illness is hard, but being misdiagnosed for so long would be extremely hard. WTG Mermaid Nikki for your amazing story and Thanks for sharing it.

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