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Name our New Tail Contest – win a free tail at AquaTails!

nixie-tail at AquaTails quality mermaid tails for swimming

Name our New Tail Contest – win a free tail at AquaTails!

We started out making this special tail to fit the Merfin Monofin (sold separately), but a customer recently wanted us to make one for our regular child monofin. Our manager likes to call it a “wedgy” tail, but of course that won’t work!

So we need a unique name for this new unique tail!

NOTE this is the Pixie version in this photo, the regular tail will have just one fabric for it (we offer Pixie-style in all of our tails).

Comment below and check back for my reply.  The winner will win one of these, made to his/her measurements (monofin sold separately).

Let the ideas flow!

26 thoughts on “Name our New Tail Contest – win a free tail at AquaTails!

  1. Water Dragon

    1. Wow that one is dramatic!!!

  2. Kelp forest camouflage

    1. Interesting! Although it needs to be one word, because “tail” will go at the end. For example “Fin Tail” or “Angel Tail”. Also, this tail will be made in any of our colors and won’t necessarily be all of these greens. This one was simply ordered in that color. 🙂

  3. Nixie Tail

    1. Interesting…

      1. hope can win it 😀
        “nixie” is the name beautifully mermaid in my online game called “seal online” and she live in the place called “nerais” the meaning is : palace the blue ocean.
        Sorry if my english so bad.

      2. Your English is fine!! What is your native language?

      3. Haha, i need more to learn grammar 😁
        Indonesian and chinnese (little bit)

      4. Wow are you in Indonesia? My niece is living in Bali right now!

      5. Yes iam, i live in DI Yogyakarta province.
        Oh i see , where are she from ? And what does she do in Bali?

      6. Right now her boyfriend got a job at an airline company, flying small planes, so she is with him. They get moved every few months to a new island, from what I understand. She did get to walk in a traditional Balanese fashion show recently.

      7. Dave, congratulations, you are the contest winner! Thank you for naming our new Nixie Tail! I will contact you by email to get your tail order. 🙂

      8. Oh , I think she’s just vacation in Bali.
        Are you ever visited Bali ?

      9. They are living there for about a year or so. No I haven’t, I desire to go there one day!!!

      10. Ah i am so lucky.
        Your welcome. Thanks for chose me😂

      11. Yeah, if you in Indonesia you must visited Bali and Yogyakarta because it’s the one famous island in Indonesia.

  4. The stripes remind me of a tiger fish… so maybe tigerfish tail?

    1. Well this is just one version of the tail – most of the time it will be as solid color. 🙂 Nice idea!

  5. Waianae Tail.
    Waianae translates to “waters of the mullet.”
    Waianae is a name of a cave in Hawaii where they say the mermaids linger. Because Hawaii has plenty of sun, but the inside of a cave is dark and mysterious, I find it fitting. I feel if a mermaid were to have a tail of alternating shades/colors they would have to be in different water constantly.

    1. Interesting concept – how do you pronounce it?

      1. Waianae [wa-a-nae-a]

  6. Longfin mako tail

    1. hmmmm….

  7. Ehanted Green Rainbow

    1. Fun! Although different customers will choose any color they want for this tail, so it won’t always be green. 🙂

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