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How to Stay Calm amidst Drama: weathering storms as a Mer, Part 1

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How to Stay Calm amidst Drama: weathering storms as a Mer, Part 1 – tips by AquaTails quality mermaid tails for swimming.

I’m not sure what it is, but one of the challenges of the mer-community (equally in the fairy community, and in similar groups), is the overwhelming amount of personal drama present, especially at events, but also over social media. It can get pretty crazy sometimes.

My millionaire friend who has been mentoring me recently, recommended that I read any and all books by Abraham Hicks. I have been doing so, and the tips in these books have helped me to find my joy. I am learning a lot from its principles. Here are some of its tips in a nutshell, and I suggest you read the books:

  1. Find Your Own Personal Peace & Joy: The best step we can take is to foster our own personal connection to Source, through our Higher Selves, our Spirit. When you are in that place, you are full of peace and joy. With practice, you can eventually learn to be unshaken from that wonderful place. The stronger you are connected, the less likely you will be taken out of that place by others’ actions – and the less likely you will be to attract others’ drama in the first place. One the best ways to find your joy is to think thoughts that bring you joy and happiness. Remember Peter Pan? Think happy thoughts so you can fly! If you are feeling really low, you will need to think any thoughts that bring immediate relief, then build upon that to happier and happier thoughts. Include any thoughts of love, of appreciation, of thankfulness, of dreams you want to reach, things you would like to do someday, items you would really love to own, anything that makes you happy and that you appreciate. Doing this raises your vibration to a happier level – which will start the ball rolling to a happier life – and help you to feel good right now.

Those who are well-connected to Source, will not start or partake in drama, as it is a place of harmony and peace. When there is drama happening, there are other things going on inside that person – stay tuned for Part 2.

Do you have your own tips for helping in these situations? We would love to hear about them – leave them in the Comments. The more we help each other, the better!

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