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We’re Attracting new Team Members at AquaTails mermaid tails

how to become a mermaid at Aquatails producer of quality mermaid tails

We’re Attracting new Team Members at AquaTails mermaid tails:

We’re so excited to be opening up ownership in AquaTails, which makes quality mermaid tails for swimming, as well as other mermaid products.

Our company is poised for expansion, it’s a very exciting time. We especially love working with our factory in the Philippines, which pays fair wages to women. They specialize in hand-crafting our Adopt-a-Mermaid Dolls.

We are expanding into a couple of our other factories we work with as well.

We’ve already welcomed our top seamstress and manager as the newest owner in AquaTails. Currently we have three owners, all women in Colorado.

We are looking forward to this exciting year of growth into our newest mer-adventures!


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