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Join the Rocky Mountain Mermaid Adventures meetup

Jerilyn WIndstead, CEO of Aquatails showcasing a Lavender Snakeskin Mermaid Tail

Mermaid Jerilyn started a new local meetup – especially for the Rocky Mountain Mermaid Pod. The Rocky Mountain Mermaid Adventures meetup will go on monthly treks to natural waters to mermaid swim while doing photo & video shoots. Great fun and adventure! Our first trek is in the Colorado Springs area on July 23rd. I hope all the local mers can join us!

We are teaming up with the meetup group Pike’s Peak Cast & Crew for filming. That group is starting their own YouTube channel with fun, local films. We also have Jerilyn’s GoPro for underwater shots and video wherever the waters are clear enough.

If you like mermaiding, hiking, adventure & being in photo & video shoots, please join us!

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