How to Order Your Own Mermaid Tail At Aquatails:

What is your budget?

The nicer, more realistic mermaid tails are a bigger investment. Generally you are investing in the monofin flipper down in the tail. The monofin lasts many years and can be taken out and put into new tails in the future. If you invest in a monofin tail now, then next time you order a tail you can simply order a Tail Skin, the tail without the included monofin, and put your own monofin into it.

Should I choose a Monofin Tail?

Benefits of a Monofin Tail:

The swimmer has a powerful flipper to help propel her through the water.
The monofin provides the stiff mermaid shape in the fluke. It looks and feels much more like a real mermaid.
Most of our monofin tails are custom-made to fit the swimmer.

Benefits of a Non-Monofin Tail:

Costs much less, most are under $100.

The swimmer can hike it up in order to walk when needed.

Fully-functional swim tail, the swimmer uses the Dolphin Kick to swim like a mermaid. She can also wear her own flippers in it if she wishes.

Our Non-Monofin tail is called the Play Tail. It is available in all sizes from children to adults.

Our Monofin tails for children are the Cute Tail, the Ariel Tail and the Fin Tail, for ages 3-5 (XS) and 6-9 (S).

To see Monofin tails for Teens and Adults, please have a look at our tails such as the Angel Tail, Fin Tail and Fringe Tail.

If you have a question about sizes, please consult our Mermaid Tail Sizing Chart.

Choose Your Color:

Our current colors are shown on the Mermaid Tail Colors page. Sometimes a particular color sells out very quickly. Most of the time you will get your tail in your first choice. If ordering a monofin tail, be sure to enter the swimmer’s measurements in the measurement fields.


Would you like a matching swimsuit to go with the tail? We offer these under Shop: Mermaid Tops & Bikinis. We also offer Sea Shell Tops there. Under Shop: Sea Foam and Jewels we offer jewelry, accessories, etc. to finish off your costume. If you’ve ordered a Play Tail, you may certainly order one of our monofins separately under Shop: Swim Aids. Also in that category you will find nose plugs, goggles, etc.

Notes and Comments:

If you have specific notes, requests, or need the mermaid tail for a specific date (e.g., birthday), be sure to put enter them into the Comments field when ordering.

We do our best to make your tail extra special, whether it be extra fins, appliqued shapes, etc. Generally there is an extra charge of around $20.00 for the extra sewing time.

Now Just Wait for Your Magical Tail to Arrive

Once you place your order, please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your custom creation. If you ordered any of our finished products, such as the MerSwim DVD or monofins, you should get your order in about a week.

Check out our FAQ page for more info!

Feel free to email us via the Contact Form if you need to. Thank you for visiting!