Angel Tail – Pixie Style (Choose Your Colors)

From: $99.99

Like an Angel or Beta fish, this dramatic tail flows in the water with extra frilly pieces on front and back.

Choose below if you would like to add a monofin to this tail (recommended).


If you want your tail sewn to your measurements, choose the closest size, then put these measurements in the Comments: Waist (at belly button), Hips, Length (Waist to Floor).



This is one of AquaTails’ unique designs, inspired by the Angel Fish and Beta Fish. This tail has extra frilly fins all down the back, including extending past the fluke, as well as some below the knees in the front. These flow and billow in the water, it is stunning to watch. We can make all of the extra frilly fins to match the body of the tail, or have some of them out of contrasting color(s). Let us know any special requests, otherwise we will make your frills the color we think goes best. This tail is custom-made in the USA.

Choose if you would like to add a monofin to this tail (recommended).


NOTE: Swimmer should have at least one year of swimming experience and be a confident swimmer. USE ONLY WITH ADULT SUPERVISION.

Use only with adult supervision. Do not use where water is too deep for ability. All users of this product assume risks associated from its use. Whether proximate or remote, there may be a risk of injury. Neither manufacturer nor seller of this product assumes any liability.


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