Nixie Tail w/monofin Pixie-style: choose your color

From: $99.99

  • Custom tailskin with monofin that slides in at the bottom, showing off your mermaid flippers!
  • Monofin below – choose your size.
  • PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR MEASUREMENTS for a custom fit under Order Notes: Waist at belly button; Hips & Length (waist to floor).
  • Photo shown is in our Pixie-style, which can be ordered here.



NEW! AquaTails’ own custom mermaid tail which slides over the monofin at the bottom, keeping the flippers free so you can show off your mermaid monofin. Monofin included.

This is a great tail in which to perfect your dolphin kick! Made from quality nylon-spandex fabric with a hidden drawstring waist.


Use only with adult supervision. Do not use where water is too deep for ability. All users of this product assume risks associated from its use. Whether proximate or remote, there may be a risk of injury. Neither manufacturer nor seller of this product assumes any liability.


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